Writing Reviews on Zomato: Is It a Waste of Time?

Many review sites provide perks to their top reviewers as an incentive to use their site. After all, many people maintain the mindset of wondering what’s in it for me? when providing a free service.
David Nguyen
November 4, 2020

Reviewing on Zomato: What’s In It for Me?

Many review sites provide perks to their top reviewers as an incentive to use their site. After all, many people maintain the mindset of wondering what’s in it for me? when providing a free service.

In this article, we’ll cover:

· what sets Zomato apart from other review sites,

· what people get out of writing reviews on Zomato, and

· why people leave reviews on Zomato.

What is Zomato and How is It Different?

Most people view Zomato as a review site like any other. And for the most part, it is.

Zomato is a review platform that exclusively ranks businesses in the foodservice industry. As a site dedicated to restaurant reviews, Zomato is unique in its interest to connect foodies on every level.

Some review sites, like TripAdvisor, provide things like levels and badges to reviewers but offer nothing of monetary value. Other review sites like Yelp reward members for their status with exclusive community events.

While Zomato offers special community meet and greets for level 5+ reviewers, Zomato also hopes to connect anyone looking for a great dining experience. By featuring local profiles in your area, Zomato makes it easy to connect with other foodies, even if you’re not an elite member.

The review site also prides itself on honest and trust and is quick to remove any accounts that violate their policies on solicitation.

Is Zomato a Waste of Time? What Do You Get Out of It?

Some reviewers expect compensation for the time spent writing and posting their opinions online.

There’s good and bad news. Zomato offers perks. But they’re not great.

While the Zomato events do include free food, they’re often few and far between. Some reviewers claim that they’ve been sent vouchers, but they are also quick to note that the freebies did not incentivize them to write reviews.

One reviewer reached level nine status and was invited to only one event and two free food tastings. It’s also safe to assume that Zomato connoisseurs (those with level 12+ status) receive more perks.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re playing the game with honesty and integrity, you won’t make any money from writing Zomato reviews. You might get some free food. And if you take initiative, you could make some foodie friends.

Why Write Reviews on Zomato?

If there’s no definitive reason to leave a review on Zomato, why do people do it?

Some people might find writing reviews to be a waste of their time. After all, it doesn’t benefit them in any direct way.

But writing reviews helps other people... and it can be fun. That’s enough for some people.

Writing reviews on Zomato can be an enjoyable way to share your experience with others and support a local business. If you especially enjoyed a dining experience, you might leave a bigger tip for your server. In the long run, though, a good review will help your favorite business more than a tip.

Reviews can also help someone avoid a negative dining experience by including relevant information.

Maybe a restaurant has great reviews because they specialize in one dish that always comes out spectacular—but something else on the menu is sub-par. Well, if you’re interested in that one sub-par dish, you might be disappointed… unless you’re saved by a detailed review.

Zomato Restaurant Reviews: The Bottom Line

Depending on your personal opinions, leaving reviews on Zomato might be a waste of time… or a highly rewarding service that you provide to your fellow foodies.

The truth is most people write reviews simply for the sake of writing reviews. If the satisfaction of posting isn’t enough motivation for you, then writing reviews on Zomato probably isn’t worth it.

On the other hand, if you love reviewing and want to join a community of foodies, Zomato might be your next favorite platform.

David Nguyen
David Nguyen is an online marketer helping businesses get more leads since 2016.

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