How to Ask for A Review: Ten Ready-to-Use Templates

Asking for customer reviews is something a lot of people don’t want to (and don’t) do. For some new business owners, it can feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, you’re already grateful for your customer’s patronage… does it seem greedy to ask for more?
David Nguyen
October 27, 2020
Customer Feedback

Let’s face it.

Asking for customer reviews is something a lot of people don’t want to (and don’t) do. For some new business owners, it can feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, you’re already grateful for your customer’s patronage… does it seem greedy to ask for more?

The answer is no. You should be asking for reviews from every single customer that walks through your door (even it’s a clickable and metaphorical eCommerce door).

Of all the consumers who are asked to leave a review, 71% will say yes.

Those odds are pretty good if you ask me. And when you consider why reviews matter and how much they can help your business, it’s easy to see how you’d be wasting an opportunity every time you didn’t ask for a customer review.

To take a load off your shoulders, we’re giving you ten templates to ask for customer reviews that will work with digital marketing like emails and text messages.

Need-to-Know Strategies for Sending Customer Review Requests

When asking for a customer review, there are some golden rules you need to know before sending that email (or text).

Personalize the message. Your customers are more likely to respond if you include their name and the name of the product or service they purchased.

Use your brand voice. No matter what template you choose, make sure that your copy fits into your brand identity. Customers trust a solid brand with a consistent and friendly voice.

Be consistent. You want more than your brand voice to be consistent. Make sure you maintain a consistent way of asking for reviews. You can easily automate messages to send at specific times to maintain regularity.

Ask at the right time. If your customer hasn’t gotten a chance to use (or even receive) your product, it’s probably too early to ask for a review. If they received the service three months ago, it’s probably too late. Use your common sense to utilize the best moments to ask for reviews.

Customer Review Email Templates

Now that you know the basics, let’s explore some templates you can copy, paste, and adjust to write the perfect message for your business to ask for a customer review.

These templates capitalize on your customer’s specific interests whether it be altruism or self-importance.

Subject Line: How do you like your new product name?

Hi Customer Name,

Thanks for choosing Brand Name!

We appreciate you—and your opinion. We’d like to hear from you if you have the time.

How was your experience with our product or service? You can tell us on review site with hyperlink.

If you need help from us, feel free to contact our 24-hour customer support at email, phone, or website.

Have a great day!
Brand Name

Subject Line: Take advantage of an opportunity to help others

Hello Customer Name,

Thank you for shopping with us!

We rely on customers like you—and customers like you rely on accurate online reviews.

Would you take a minute to help someone else find a great product or service?

When you leave a review on review site with hyperlink, your experience can help other consumers make an informed decision about product, service, or industry.

Make your mark today with a few quick clicks. We’d appreciate it—and so will a lot of other people!


Brand Name

Subject Line: How can we do better?

Hey Customer Name,

Thanks for purchasing product or service. We appreciate it.

As a small—and growing—business, we pride ourselves on providing the best service we possibly can, and a part of that means always trying to improve.

Your feedback is valued. And we’d love to hear it. If you have the time, you can send a quick email to email address.

And if you want to support us, you could leave a review on review site with hyperlink. Every review matters, and it would mean a lot to us.

Thank you for your time,

Business Name

Personalizing Email Templates

No matter what template you choose, it needs to fit into your business model.

Make sure that you personalize the template so that it says more about your business than just the name. You can communicate your business’s personality by adding a personal flair or mixing and matching parts of these templates.

If you’re still not sure what that means, think about the copy on your website, product packaging, and print promotional materials. What (or who) is the voice of your brand? Are they more casual or more professional? Do they have specific tendencies (or a brand guide)?

Your brand should always have one unified voice. If the template doesn’t sound just right, you can tweak it until it does.

Text Message Templates

The problem with text message templates is that they’ll have to be a lot shorter than email templates. The benefit of sending review request texts is that your customers can leave a review in less than 30 seconds wherever they might be.

One downside to sending texts is that you can’t hyperlink. Even though you can’t embed a link into a single word or phrase, you can still send a full-sized clickable link to customers.

When sending a customer review request, you should always include a call to action link to make it easy for your customers to get to your review page. The easier you make the process, the more likely they are to leave a customer review.

Let’s review some text request templates.

· Thank you for your purchase! Customers like you help us keep the lights on. Could you help us by leaving a review?

· At Brand Name, we value your opinion! Tell us about your experience.

· Hi Customer Name! How did we do?

· Thank you, Customer Name! We appreciate your support. If you appreciate us too you can show us by leaving a review!

· Customer Name, thank you for supporting Brand Name. If you have a minute, could you leave us a review? Thanks!

· Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to support our small business, you can leave a review here.

· Thanks, Customer Name. If you love, Brand Name, you can tell us with a review!

Personalizing Text Message Templates

All the same rules for personalizing email templates transfer to text message review request templates—but there are a few other things to consider.

You can also think about leaving fun (and relevant!) emojis in your text messages. Colors and images at the beginning of your text can function as eye-catching notifications.

If you maintain a casual brand, you might want to include some industry or brand-related puns in these short messages.

Asking for Reviews: Just Do It

No matter which template you decide to use for inspiration, your business will thank you.

Asking customers for reviews is the fastest and most direct way to increase the number of reviews you receive online—and more reviews mean more customers, more business, and more profit.

Do you want to learn more about the best practices when asking for Google reviews? Check out these 5 proven techniques for asking for reviews.

David Nguyen
David Nguyen is an online marketer helping businesses get more leads since 2016.

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