Communicate with customers, collect new reviews, get feedback close deals - all over text.


Putting Your Customers first

As businesses adjust to the changing digital environment.... they are looking for ways to put their customers at the centre, especially when it comes to communication. Any business business knows when the phone rings, they need answer it. Increasingly, texts and messages are becoming just as important - and businesses need to adapt.

Because small businesses find it tough to get reviews, we want to make it easy for you & your customers. Getting genuine reviews & having authentic conversations to grow your business.

A streamlined way to grow your online reputation.

Whether your goal is to increase traffic, extend your retention, get valuable customer feedback - we've got you covered.

Your all-in-one app for interactions that matter to your business.

Use the convenience of text messaging to become the obvious choice online.



Interact with customers, no matter the channel. All of your messages from text, Facebook Messenger, Google Message, and Webchat come to one inbox where you can respond directly.

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30 seconds. That’s all it takes for your customer to leave a review, helping you become the obvious choice on Google search.

Website Visitors


Respond to your website visitors via text and get the flexibility you both need to keep the conversation going.

be the master of your fate and
also of your reputATION.

Oscar Wilde



rubber floor

As a trade worker 90% of my business comes from google and reviews are key. This is a good clean simple system love it 👍

Nenad k

century 21

If your looking for a platform which is simple to use, clean and is a extremely effective tool for any business to generate genuine reviews from real customers on a very realistic uphill trend this would be it. Great work!

Discover the 5 step System to grow your business... Without spending on advertising

01 | Reviews

Don't be left behind. Take control of your online reviews to attract new customers.
  • Get new reviews in 30 seconds or less with the ease of text messaging. Ask for feedback with ready-made templates.
  • Rank higher, separate your business and earn more qualified leads.
  • Become the obvious choice for customers.

02 | WebChat

Customers start a chat with you directly from your website!
  • Capture new leads from your website
  • Customers can take their conversations wherever they go
  • Give a personal experience to every customer (people hate talking to robots)

03 | Messenger

Build Personal Customer Experiences (Facebook Messenger, Text, SMS)
  • Give your customers a multiple places to connect with you
  • Keep your customers at your fingertips. Answer questions, schedule appointments, send reminders & collect reviews all in one place.

04 | happy customer leaves a great review

Retain your customers for longer, improve your service and team by learning through customer feedback.
  • Give an easy way for customers to give you feedback
  • Leverage your existing customers to attract more call & enquires.

05 | Repeat

  • It's as simple as that.
  • Grow your business without any advertising spend.

our promise

All services include a 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. After ordering you will be assigned with one of our Customer Success Managers to seamless add this to your business. But if for any reason you're still not satisfied with our service, we offer a full refund up to 30-days after ordering - and you'll still keep your review.

our team

Our friendly team are ready to help.

david n

Founder / Director

beth t

Project Manager

nikola k

Reputation Consultant


common questions

do you offer discounts?

Yes. When you pay annually, you'll get a 2 months free. Each plan includes all messages.

which review sites do you link to?

Our goal is to help you get more reviews. With this in mind we support every over 70+ review sites, and many niche review sites too. Typically most client want to dominate Google, Facebook and industry review platforms.

is there a minimum contract length?

No, you can cancel your subscription at any time and you won’t be billed again. We hope you will stick around because you love using Review Doctor, not because we locked you into a contract.

multiple business locations of your business?

We offer a further 10% discounts for 3 or more locations. You can contact directly so we can price it accordingly. If you have 2 locations, simply order the same package and fill out the on-boarding questionnaire.

ok, i want to order. what are the next steps?

Once you have ordered, you will be directed to a short "questionnaire" to fill out. After it's filled out you'll receive instructions and how to use it.

i still have questions

We'd be happy to answer them. Please ask your question in the chatbox to the right and a member of our team will reply or contact atsupport@reviewdoctor.co

need more info?

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